Stressed, overwhelmed, in pain get relief using effective techniques to reset and balance the nervous system.  




Do you feel like you are under constant stress?

Our bodies are designed to physically change when stressed. When you get triggered by something stressful, the sympathetic nervous system sends a cascade of biochemical signals to your body which quickens your heart rate, shortens your breath, and tenses your muscles.  This is called the stress response.  It is meant to keep us safe in the presence of a real threat or danger.  Unfortunately, in today's world  things such as emails, traffic jams, text messages, work stress, family quarrels and a host of other things can throw our bodies into a continuous cycle of stress and overwhelm.  

If left unchecked stress can contribute to acute and chronic issues.  

Symptoms of stress:

- Tight shoulders / sore neck

- Lower back pain

- Headaches

- Anger / Outbursts

- Anxiety / Depression

- Stomachache / digestive issues

- High blood pressure

- Host of other physical symptoms

"Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints."  The American Institute of Stress

If you’re under constant stress, such as work pressures, family responsibilities, and recovering from trauma, your body can overreact to stressors and keep you stuck in the stress-response cycle. In time, that cascade of biochemical signals can affect your body in other ways including heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

But there is a way to take back control of your health and life…

EFT tapping

Be more like the old you again

Utilizing EFT tapping and Reiki, I help you quickly and gently reset your stress-response cycle. Once reset, triggers, such as a specific memory or a current situation, don’t affect you as strongly anymore. So that you no longer automatically react to stress feeling anxiety, fear, or aches and pain. Instead, you can respond to stress with a clearer mind and feeling calmer.

EFT tapping and Reiki are complementary and alternative medicine therapies (CAM), used in clinics and hospitals worldwide to provide significant relief for chronic pain, stress relief, fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, food cravings, and more

In a single session, clients report feeling noticeable relief.

"Complementary and alternative medicine has shown great promise in supporting and stimulating healing. It's one of the many tools hospitals look to as they continue to create optimal healing environments for the patients they serve." –Rich Umbdenstock, retired president and CEO, The American Hospital Association  


What clients are saying

Get Higher Clarity and Positivity

“Kim has helped me through so many challenging times in my life; I am so grateful for her. She is excellent at guiding me with tapping out of moments of low emotions like sadness, confusion, or grief to a higher place of relief, clarity and positivity. She is insightful, caring, compassionate, and a true gift.” –R.V.

Release Old Patterns

“I’m under a lot of deadline and performance pressure at work. Over the years, that constant pressure affected my productivity and work quality, which made me feel more stress and anxiety.  Within a few minutes of doing EFT with Kim, she helped me release that old pattern. Now I’m more productive and enjoy work again.”—B.D.

Feeling More Calm and Hopeful

“Before Kim, I felt chronically depressed, undeserving of ‘good,’ very anxious and had a hopeless outlook on life.  After Kim, I feel calm, hopeful, capable, and deserving of the best life.  Her sessions and the tools she provides are priceless.” –A.B.


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