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Energy Therapies: How Can They Help You?

Energy Medicine


Greater vitality, resilience to illness, hormone balancing, stronger immune system, stress reduction, decreased pain, enthusiasm for life, greater well-being

"Using the principles of energy medicine, you can optimize your body's natural capacities to heal itself and stay healthy."  

-Donna Eden, Healer/Author/Speaker

Energy medicine helps to enhance the natural healing ability of your body by restoring energies that have become weak or out of balance.  Through muscle testing the body gives us feedback to where the imbalances are, so specific attention can be given to these areas.   Using a variety of energy medicine techniques these imbalances can be corrected.  When the energies of the body are balanced it creates the right environment for the body and mind to heal.  Our body truly is brilliant and has the capacity to heal if the right conditions are provided.   

Emotional Freedom Technique


Tapping  provides relief from a host of concerns, daily stressors, muscle tension, pain (both physical and emotional), phobias, emotional upsets, physical concerns, self-sabotage, addictions, anxiety, overwhelm, limiting beliefs, sports performance obstacles, traumas, and more.

Why does EFT tapping work on so many issues? Everything in life has an emotional component.  We have emotions around work, family, health, relationships, negative experiences and much more.  We feel anger, fear, frustrations, grief, resentment, worry and a host of other emotions.  Because EFT tapping calms and neutralizes our emotions it has a profound effect on our physical body too.  If you have ever had a tension headache, painful shoulders or stomach upset related to family, work or life stressors than you know first-hand how strong emotions play a role in physical tension, tightness and pain.  

EFT tapping deactivates and calms the amygdala, our body's fight/flight stress response system bringing emotional relief and many times physical relief.  This technique is so powerful and yet easy to learn and use by children, teens and adults to bring relief to the mind and body.  



Releases stress, supports the immune system, creates deep relaxation, reduces pain, aids the body in eliminating toxins, promotes sleep, accelerates healing, and promotes overall balance

Reiki is a complimentary healing therapy which allows a practitioner to channel ki, life force energy to help activate the clients own natural healing abilities.  By allowing  Reiki energy to flow into the clients energy field and bathe the organs, tissues, cells and energy system it creates an environment of relaxation and balance so the body is provided with the right conditions to thrive.  

Our body has an innate ability to heal itself if we provide the right environment for it to do so.  Reiki sessions can help to facilitate this environment.  Reiki helps to relax our nervous system bringing our body out of the sympathetic system of 'fight or flight' response and into the parasympathetic system or 'rest and digest.'  This brings relief and promotes harmony and balance.   


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