Kim Cook

Hi, I'm Kim Cook welcome to the body's energy where your healing journey begins.  I am an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and a Usui Holy Fire Reiki l/ll Practitioner.  I also am certified in Meditation and Positive Life Coaching.  My specialties include pain control (both physical and emotional), stress management, relaxation, positive self-talk, and wellness techniques to balance and relax the body and mind.  I have worked with a variety of different conditions such as: anxiety and overwhelm, physical and emotional pain, symptoms from chronic illness, fears and phobias, relationships troubles, negative emotions and self-talk, childhood and adult trauma's, addictions, side effects of chemotherapy and many other client concerns.  I have worked with clients from ages 8 to 82 years of age.  Energy healing and balancing is beneficial for all ages: children, teens and adults.

My clients experience great success and well-being using these energy techniques. Sometimes we use only one technique during a session and at other times we may do a combination of energy work, depending on the need. I also utilize these energy techniques daily to lower my stress, decrease my response to triggers, and create relaxation within my body, mind, and spirit.   

In 2008 I witnessed something which created a huge emotional trauma.  The trauma disrupted my thoughts and energies so much I  laid on the couch, curled up in a ball, everyday for a week.  I didn't have the energy, the desire or the will to do anything.  I couldn't even think straight because my mind was visualizing over and over the event I had witnessed. I couldn't get off my hamster wheel of negative thinking and it seemed as though one negative thought lead to another negative thought and I just couldn't snap out of it. I felt defeated, weak, out of sorts, numb and in complete overwhelm all at the same time.  

Then one day after being on the couch for a week, while my mind churned with negative thoughts it dawned on me to use energy techniques.  It's crazy, now, when I look back on the situation, I didn't think to use the techniques to help myself from the beginning. But I was so caught up in my own grief and mind-chaos I wasn't thinking clear enough to realize I could help myself.  This is when I realized firsthand how important it is to have the guidance of a practitioner.  

I began using EFT tapping on an acupuncture point on my cheekbone, under my eye.  Within a short time I was off the couch and had enough energy to at least move around the house.  I continued to do EFT tapping as well as incorporate some Energy Medicine exercises and within a few days I had vastly shifted my energy  and  was on the  road to feeling like 'me' again.  It was interesting when I was incapacitated on the couch and frozen in my own skin, my thinking was so confused and disrupted  it took me a while to realize I actually could help myself with energy work.