Pain control, stress reduction, trauma relief, overwhelm

EFT tapping has been called "Acupuncture without needles."

-Reduce both physical / emotional pain

-Sleep better

-Relief from loss / grief

-Ease PTSD symptoms

-Release addictions

-Reduce anxiety / panic attacks

- Manage stress levels / anger 

- Headache relief

- Overcome fears / phobias

How does one technique work for so many challenges?

Emotions impact every area of our lives.  EFT tapping helps to calm our nervous system and rewire our brain to respond differently to past, present, and future stressful triggers.  Neuroscience shows every experience we have creates a memory.  This memory encodes the brain with an emotional, electrical charge.  This charge creates a groove (neural pathway) in the brain signaling a physical response.  So, every time we have a memory of a past event or trauma we have the same physiological response as if we were going through it at that moment in time.  

Just thinking of a past event can trigger a faster heart rate, increase our respiration, heat up our bodies and much more.   All of this is  to prepare us to fight or flee.  This is our bodies stress response system warning us that danger is present.  However, most of the time we are not in immediate danger, it is simply our bodies response to a thought, email, text, or conversation that triggered this physiological response.  

This stress response reaction greatly affects our well-being and over time can have significant health ramifications. 

EFT tapping helps rewire the brain and release these events from our nervous system, so our bodies no longer react negatively.  

Whether we are tapping for fear, guilt, cravings, pain, anxiety, or some other concern EFT tapping helps to calm the emotions by decreasing the stress response in the presence of the issue.