The body's meridian system.  Vital life force energy.

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Vital Life Force Energy

Energy Medicine works with the natural energy flows within and around your body to create an environment for your body's natural healing potential.  It is both a complement to other approaches to medical care, as well as a complete self-care, self-help system.  Energy Medicine promotes high level wellness, peak performance and can help with pain management.  Because this modality works on your body's inherent foundation, Enegy Medicine can be used efficiently on its own or combined with EFT tapping and/or Reiki to profoundly increase your results.  

Energy techniques help to bring the body into energetic balance, reduce pain, decrease stress, create relaxation and bring balance to the nervous system. By working with the electromagnetic and subtle energies commonly known as chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine we can greatly affect the health and wellness of our body and mind.  Eden Energy Medicine identifies nine energy systems of the body.  Each system has its own natural flow or pattern to keep us emotionally and physically healthy.  If there's an imbalance within any of these energy systems, it can affect our entire well-being.  

How Energy Medicine Works

Through muscle testing (a non-invasive way to test energy flow), energy medicine locates energy imbalances, and then corrects for these imbalances to regain their proper flow.  Muscle testing utilizes our body's own biofeedback mechanism to give quick and easy answers into the imbalances of the body.  Your own unique feedback helps guide the session to where your body needs rebalancing and support the most. Energy balancing corrections are done during the session and then at home energy techniques and exercises are given to help maintain new, healthier energy habits and patterns. 

The 9 Main Systems in Eden Energy Medicine

Meridians - Much like how blood flows throughout your body by way of the circulatory system, your body's vital energy is carried through Meridians. Each Meridian runs along the skin's surface and deep inside the body, where they support specific organs, muscles, and cells.

Chakras - Chakras are like swirling pools of energy fueling nearby organs.  The 7 major Chakras are located along the spine to fuel major organs including the brain and heart.  Chakras affect the endocrine system, and retain past personal history.  They also influence how we react to the world around us.

Aura - This acts like an atmospheric field surrounding the body.  Your Aura's composed of layers that protect you from disruptive energies.  Your Aura also serves as an antenna to pull in beneficial energies.  How well your Aura filters disruptions and attracts beneficial energies affects your physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Radiant Circuits - These are subtle energy flows supporting all other energy systems, especially the meridians.  Unlike meridians that move along a fixed pathway, Radiant Circuits move wherever your body needs the energy most.  Radiant Circuits are highly influenced by emotions and feelings, stimulating this energy system activates more joy and self healing.

Triple Warmer - This system acts as both a meridian and a radiant circuit.  Of its many functions, the Triple Warmer manages your immune system and your stress response.  The Triple Warmer also influences your habits by helping you automatically perform routine tasks with ease.  If unbalanced, the Triple Warmer also causes you to hold onto unwanted habits or chronic conditions.  

Celtic Weave - This energy system functions like a connective web linking all of your energy systems together, so they communicate with each other to support you efficiently.  The crisscross and figure 8 patterns in the Celtic Weave reflect the natural cross over patterns found in all parts of our bodies.  The stronger your crisscross weave, the healthier your body and your ability to maintain the gains you make after a healing session. 

The Five Rhythms - Moving through all of the body's energies is a complex set of pulses called the Five Rhythms (also known as the Five Elements or the Five Seasons).  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, each rhythm reflects the harmonious pulse of life and is represented by water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  How the Five Rhythms flow through your energy systems provide insight into health issues, behavior patterns, and emotional challenges.

The Electrics - This system is made up of the electrical dimension of each of the other 8 energy systems.  The Electrics charge and connect the cells, organs, and all of the other energy systems.  Because it's electrical, it's the densest and most easily measured of all body energies. This system affects, and is affected by, the nervous system and heart.

The Basic Grid - Each body contains a matrix (grid pattern) embedded within.  Just as your skeletal system provides support for you body, the Basic Grid provides support for your energy structure.  If there's a break in the Basic Grid, people feel sluggish, and have difficulty healing emotional or physical issues.  A strong Grid supports all of your energy systems, and your body's ability to heal completely.  

Muscle testing utilizes our body's own biofeedback mechanism and gives us valuable information on where the body needs rebalancing and support the most.

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