“I couldn’t be happier with my results. I was always at max capacity emotionally just waiting to react. But since working with Kim, I’m able to settle my nerves and finally able to break some of those reactionary behaviors.”  N.M.

“I recently had major surgery and was told by my doctor I needed to find some way to be able to relax. I have a high stress job and the doctor told me if I didn’t get my high anxiety under control, I would exacerbate my medical issue. I didn’t really know what to expect with Kim because I had never heard of EFT tapping before. My anxiety was up as I walked into Kim’s office but within minutes of tapping, I was feeling better. I had never experienced such a change in my anxiety as quickly as I had during my first session. I was breathing better, I no longer had the ball of anxiety in my stomach, and I no longer had the tension and tightness in my neck and shoulders. I felt really good. My husband has noticed a difference and said I am calmer and seem to not get as agitated as I used to.” –T.M.

“In one hour working with Kim I felt better than I had in months. I had been going through a divorce and a job loss all at the same time and I was an emotional wreck. In just the first session I was less emotional and I was able to see my situation in a new light. I definitely still had more to work on, but I did get a lot of relief in just one hour. I continued to see Kim weekly for the first two months and each time I got more and more relief and clarity. I used to feel like I was so emotional all of the time that I couldn’t think clearly. After having sessions with Kim, I feel more in control of my emotions and I have more clarity in my thinking. Kim has a way of talking with you that makes you feel at ease and comfortable. I have told many of my friends to go see her for help.” –S.S.

"I first began seeing Kim because I was going through a difficult divorce.  My emotions were all over the place.  I couldn't focus at work and I was struggling at home to be a good parent.  Some days I had difficulty even getting out of bed.  I felt as though one minute I was able to move forward with my life and the next minute I had an overwhelming sense of loss and failure. I did EFT phone sessions with Kim because I live in another state.  After the first session I felt a sense of relief and my body was relaxed for the first time in awhile.  I worked with Kim on several more occasions and she also taught me how to tap for myself at home.  I used it many times to stop crying and get relief from what I was feeling and thinking. To my surprise I was actually able to help myself with tapping.  I felt like divorce took my power away, but working with Kim and also tapping on my own brought back my  sense of empowerment.  I don't know how I handled life before EFT. " -K.R.