Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

Help reduce your stress and overwhelm with EFT tapping.  By tuning into a problem, concern, pain, event, etc. and tapping on acupuncture points our bodies alarm system for stress is turned-off.  Another words we release the stress as well as what triggered the stressful and emotional response and feeling.  Strong emotions play a key role in our overall health and well-being.  Tapping allows us to rewire our brain to respond differently so we no longer are caught up in the fight or flight cycle.

Calm Your Nerves

Tracing the Triple Warmer meridian backwards helps to calm and rebalance the nervous system, bringing our body/mind into a state of relaxation. Triple Warmer energy is the survival energy of the body.  When stressed it prepares us for fight or flight.  In the face of real danger this energy is imperative for our survival. However, with daily stressors our bodies seem to be in this stress response mode too much.  Allow your body and mind to relax and repair with this exercise. 

Boost Your Immune System

In under a minute you can boost and reset your immune system by thumping the breastbone.  This is called the Thymus Thump.  Your thymus gland is located under the breastbone and plays a key role in your immune system.  When we are under stress the thymus gland can shrink to 50% it's size, which significantly reduces its effectiveness.  Keeping the thymus functioning properly is key to warding off pathogens which contribute to disease.